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Friday, January 16, 2009

Guruji's blessing

I know it is not the greatest photo of Swamiji that has been taken however the circumstances of the moment make it significant for me. At that moment I was sitting on a chariot with Swamiji as He was being welcomed to a small village in the south of Rajasthan. Having some time to spare I thought I would try and take a photo of Him with a mobile phone and put it onto the blog. To my wonder within two minutes the photo was there to see on the blog via an EDGE signal (how they had that signal in that village i really don't know) !! Perhaps that is normal for some people but here in Jadan we only need to take our memories back 10 years to reach a stage where we had to drive 20 kilometres in order to make an international call or a fax!! It is only four years since we could reliably use email and even then for messages less than 200kb! Times have changed in India, very fast indeed. The logistics of maintaining this blog from Jadan would have been impossible only 1 year ago. In the beginning I used to only update it when visiting to Jaipur. Now......from the mobile phone.

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nathan said...

The Boss.

nathan said...

My head is always at the feet of the boss.
Love ya Swamiji.
Jaya jaya Jaya gurudev