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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Our horses have developed the habit of spending an hour or two per day walking continuously around the Bhakti Sagar, the hall where we have our spiritual programs, yoga,, meditation and prayers. They are free to walk around the ashram, which thanks to the monsoon rains is full of green grass, but they choose to spend their time .............................circling round and round the meditation hall. Special.
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On the day of Gurupurnima one of our mares foaled a beautiful filly called Divya. Her mother was also born here in the Ashram so somehow she is "home grown". At present there are 700 cows, 9 horses and inumerable wildlife living within the Ashram campus. If you look further down the blog you will find Divya's father, he is the horse that carries the milk man.
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The helper

This photo is a little old, it is from April this year. After the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar all of the things which we had there for our camp came back in three very big and very full trucks. It was an unloading marathon and Shiv Prem (Callum) was an unstoppable force, pulling far more than his weight. We call it karma yoga in India, in Australia it is getting in and giving a hand. Thanks Cal.
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Yoga Asana

On 15th August our students celebrated independence day with dancing, drama, parades, singing and speeches. The yoga display was a highlight this year, especially Kundan, the boy in the top photo who has incredible flexibility. Kundan's story is interesting. He was previously studying in Haryana which is the state north of Rajasthan. I don't know how but he heard of our school but he and his brother Pradeep decided they wanted to study school and yoga here so they enrolled and took a "room" on rent in the local village. The room isn't so good and they don't have electricity, the two brothers cook for themselves and spend the early morning and evening getting water, firewood etc. Yesterday he came quite innocently asking if we can help him to get electricity so he can study. One can't help but be inspired when young boys will go through so much just to get a proper education.
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