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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brothers in learning


To all those in Europe, Australia and throughout the world who help to support the school and the children's education many, many thanks. Yesterday we received a donation from the Verein zum Aufbau und zur Unterstuetzung von Erziehungs- und Forschungsprojekte in Indien e.V. (don't ask me to translate that!!) in Hamburg, Germany to help with sponsoring the Gyan Putra students this year. Once again thanks to all for the continued support.

Jai Hanuman

A 72 feet high statue of Hanuman Ji was just completed in Pali. The hostel boys and I went for the opening. Hanuman Ji, the embodiment of devotion and loyalty looked particularly imposing against the night sky.

Weaving artworks

Learning about colours, getting creative and having fun.

Sticking to it

Last week was sticker week. I had a lot of stickers that smell like bananas and strawberries when you scratch them  and spent three days seeing all of the Primary school student's books. Everyone got a sticker and were
extremely happy. Lots of fun and lots of smiling faces