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Thursday, January 8, 2009

A great story

Yesterday we had a small function in school to celebrate a great story. Thomas is a 12 year old boy from Austria who decided he wanted to help the school. He collects chestnuts and then sells them by the roadside. The money that he collects is used to sponsor students in our school under the Gyan Putra scheme.

As if that wasn't enough Thomas got his family together and they decided that instead of giving Christmas presents that the money they would spend on each others gifts they would donate to the school. Incredible.

Such acts are just inspiring. It was a wet eye day for me when I was telling the assembly about Thomas' efforts.

The pictures are of Thomas and his family and some of the 417 students who are sponsored for their studies under the Gyan Putra scheme. Under the scheme students are given free education, books and uniforms. All of the girls studying in our school are in the Gyan Putra scheme as are boys who are unable to pay the nominal fees that are charged in school.

Thanks to Thomas, his family and everyone around the world with equally inspiring stories. If the future generation's all think like Thomas we are in good hands.

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rock said...

its a great to hear ab the school and i pray for the students that the done well in fututr and be a great people in this world. DEEPNARAYAN BHAGWAN KI JAI