Thursday, August 7, 2014

The future is bright

These girls are our 11th class "stars". There is a group of girls in 11th class who all did extremely well in the 10th class exams. We have never had such a large number of students who had such success in the exams; In 10th class they scored as follows:

Priya Yadav                92% 9th in the District merit
Krishna Rathore         83%
Teenu Jangir 83%
Usha Kiram Charan 82%
Bhumika Rathore 87%
Varsha Sharma          82%
Neha Yadav               90.5% 13th in the District merit
Dashika Sharma        79%

It is quite a group that should spur each other on to great success in 12th class.

Congratulations to them all on their fantastic efforts in tenth class.


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