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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jai Hanuman

A 72 feet high statue of Hanuman Ji was just completed in Pali. The hostel boys and I went for the opening. Hanuman Ji, the embodiment of devotion and loyalty looked particularly imposing against the night sky.


Anonymous said...

if you know Hanumanji by heart you are bhakta of Lord Ram and you help and you have love for all bhaktas so much love for all hanumanji bhaktas because they are real heroes

Anonymous said...

Jay Bhajarangi Jay Hanuman
Sankatha Mochan Kripa Nidhan
Jay Bhajarangi Baba Hanuman
Sankatha Mochan Kripa Nidhan

ॐ Namoh Bhagavate Anjaneyaya
Mahabalaya Svaha

much love from Seva Puri Hamburg

anvidh k said...

Hi Friends,
I think "HANUMAN JI" is most powerful god in universe.
I pray to "HANUMAN JI" for long and happy life of every good person in world.
Reading hanuman chalisa will give you success.

Rohini Pandey said...

Read Hanuman Chalisa to get rid of any type of evil spirits.

Jyothi Sree said...

Awesome Post Admin.Jai Hanuman.Reading hanuman chalisa every day gives you Strength and power to you.Jai Sree Ram.