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Monday, April 19, 2010

Good news

Great news from school. The results of the 8th Class Government Board examinations have come. From our batch of 81 students 79 obtained First Division marks, 1 in Second Division and one failed. Even better was that 13 students came in the top 100 merit in the district – not bad for a “village school”. The top student was Pushpa Boyal who scored 90.1% and came 18th in the District merit. Congratulations to all!!!!


Andrej said...

I'm very happy to hear that boys & girls from Jadan school are such a good students.

jyoti said...

We are a primary school from Slovenia, our Ministry of education is giving out a special fund of money financing international activities in education for this year. We have to make a certain plan on this project and if it seems reasonable enough for them they can support it. They can support international meetings(like tickets to India or to Europe, festivals, seminars)We would be very interested in the culture, climate, school system, way of living in the state of Rajasthan and district Pali. Our headmistress is very much supporting the idea because she has just returned from India where she attended a world didactic seminar(I don't know the exact name) in New Delhi and she also visited Rajasthan. First we would get some contact through the internet with the teachers and the students. Maybe we can become twin schools. The idea came to my mind when we were talking about India and all that the kids know is that Indians are poor . And then our headmistress said "yes some of them might be poor materially but definitely when I look into their eyes they have much more spirit than European kids." So we have a lot to learn about spiritual poverty on the west side of the globe. We would be grateful if you leave some comment and how to get in touch, by the way I'm Jyoti- the English teacher. I've been Swamiji's disciple for 15 years and I've been to Jadan.
Hardly waiting to hear from you, regards to all children and people in ashram, Jyoti from Miklavž school in Slovenia