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Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Year Chaos

We started the new school year on July the first and it has been quite chaotic since. The building works did not get finished as planned and we have been stuck with a few more classes than classrooms (maybe more than a few). There are classes going on in the verandhas, in the hall there are two classes and in some rooms we put two classes inside and faced them in opposite directions. All in all we now have around 1400 students in the school! A fantastic response. Similar to last year it has been very hard to refuse people admission as we are just too full. I think we must have turned away more than 800 people this time.

Now slowly we have adjusted the timings of the school so that we can fit everyone comfortably until the rooms are ready. The school has been split into two shorter school days, one for senior classes and one for primary classes. It isn't a perfect solution but it will do for now.

Meanwhile construction work is going on for the building of the extra rooms. We have had a lot of visitors from overseas here in the last weeks and they have been helping get things going by transporting the bricks on the site. It's inspiring to get such help especially in the heat of the monsoon.

Swami Jasraj Puri


Andrej said...

Very nice to read from you again to see how you are doing. It's nice to hear that the visitors from abroad help you.

Hope you will countinuoue with the blog soon!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear things are up and running again in the new school year. Sounds hectic!

Congratulations on the unbelievable growth and continued provision of a wonderful community service.

Bro Nick

mahendra said...

tanks swamiji for school update waiting for your latest blog......