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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two gems

Two great stories for the week.

There is one small boy in the hostel studying in 3rd class, Yogesh. As quite a few students have now finished their exams and gone for holidays we were moving the remaining students together to make it easier to watch. We moved young Yogesh from his room three times but he kept moving back to his old room each evening even though there was noone else in that area. Finally we called him and asked why did he keep moving back.

He replied that he wanted to stay in his room because it is the room that faces towards the Bhakti Sagar and as a result when Swamiji is in Jadan and giving satsang it is the best room for listening to what Swamiji is saying. What an awesome reply!

The second story came to me via the husband of one of the ladies who is a cleaner/helper in our school. His wife is illiterate. She can (could) only understand the local Marwari dialect and subsequently can't understand the Hindi that is spoken on the radio etc. He was suprised when she started discussing with him the program that was just on the radio and asked how did she understand the Hindi. She had picked up Hindi from the classes going on in school as she is always working in the hallways outside as the classes are going on. Next day he was suprised that she had got up at three oclock and was sitting with the light on. He checked what she was doing ..........homework! One of our teachers had given her a book and taught her how to write the Hindi alphabet after school and she was "secretly" practicing. Last news she was starting to practice reading. I find that simply beautiful.