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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Exciting News

Great news from Jadan is that construction started on the next phase of the school building. The building will have an extra 32 classrooms which means that the school will eventually be able to cater for over 1700 students!! As the school building will be completed the construction of a college building will start just next to it. That building will cater to 700 students who will study up until the Bachelors and Masters Degree level. It means that the students of our area will have the chance to complete a full, quality education in a secure environment. It is a chance which many, especially the girls, would never otherwise dream of having.
Shree Paramhans Swami Madhavanand College is already running, with 35 students presently in first year of their Bachelor of Arts course. Their lectures are in some of the rooms of the school building at present and will continue to be there until the college building will be ready. It is cramped and sometimes confusing to fit them all in but nobody is complaining because their dreams are coming true.

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Anonymous said...

When I look @ post on this site, happiness and peaceful come @ my hart... What a beautiful school! A happy faces! Some things are really worth of living!