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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Results of the exams for 8th class for 2007-08

Yesterday they released the results of the Year 8 Government examination which are conducted at the district level. All of the students passed well with our best students coming 15th and 46th in the whole district. It is a fantastic effort considering that more than 32000 students sat the examination!! The students are feeling quite proud of themselves today and rightly so.

The other students also did really well. From 24 students 15 of them got 70% or above and only one student scored below 60%. The pass mark here in exams is 38% so there wasn't anyone coming close to failing.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful news, especially heartwarming to read about the two girls who achieved firsts. Well done! Love from Sarasvati (Sydney)

Susan said...

Congratulations to all students and staff. Everyone must be feeling a great sense of achievement.