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Monday, September 3, 2007

The new school building

It is well overdue but the final touches are being added to our new school building at least half of which should open by the end of September. It is simple, spacious, well ventilated and full of light. Although it is not an architectural marvel it is so practical that it will be heaven to teach there. We are so much looking forward to getting the students inside and out of the current building where they are literally sitting in the doorways.

It is planned that the building will have a double use, in the morning acting as a school and in the afternoon there will be College classes (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science). In that way we can offer our students the chance to have quality education not just until Secondary level but right through until they have a degree.

There are 22 classrooms, 3 science labs (physics, chemistry and biology), a library, a computer lab and a multi purpose hall in the building.
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