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Sunday, August 5, 2007


On the day of Gurupurnima some of the boys took the initiation of Gurukul Pravesh - entrance into the years of education. It is an ancient tradition going back thousands of years that when the boy reaches the age of seven they are sent to the Gurukul to study. The ceremony involves shaving of the head, fire ceremony and the giving of unsewn cloth to the new initiate. It is a beautiful ceremony that goes for the whole morning. At the end of it the freshly initiated student comes to their Guru and is given a mantra which they should use throughout their studies.
When the head is shaved a tuft of hair is left on the crown of the head which is tied in a knot. This is to stimulate the brain, help maintain concentration and improve memory.
It is not compulsory for the students to take the initiation and is given only with the wish of the parents and the student.
In the photo you can see the boys sitting at the fire during the ceremony.
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