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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Today is the first day of school. We didn’t get our new school building ready on time but it will be ready by the end of the month. Meanwhile we are cramming into the old building. Last count we had 95 new students, which brought the total up to 380 in the school. However this morning I went to have a look and there were at least 40 more students there waiting to apply for admission. It looks that in the end we will have around 450 students this year!!! Considering that when we had 300 students the building was pretty full it is going to be packed for the next few weeks.

The new bus went out on it’s first run and came back full as ………….I think there were about 85 students inside. It is a great bus. We bought it second hand and it spent 3 weeks getting refurbished. Now it looks like new and the kids are sitting looking like royalty in the newest bus they have ever seen.

The atmosphere is great. The teaching staff are full of enthusiasm. It has been quite a struggle to go through in the last 5 years, so many problems with staff, students, parents, transport and it is gratifying to see it come to the stage we are at now. Thanks to everyone for all the help.

Now that the light of the school is back (the students) I hope to really get around to taking some good photos and getting them to everyone.

News about the raising of funds for the bus is that to date there has been raised more than 8000 dollars (aud). Thanks to everyone who has helped particularly Mukti, Adidas and everyone in Perth, Gay and David McKinley and their friends in Sydney and everyone else who has put in. Every drop counts. Last we heard they were making efforts to help with the project from Liverpool (UK) to Japan to Sydney to Perth! It is a great feeling for everyone here to be supported from so many different places.

Thanks to all


Swami Jasraj Puri

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